A large, large forum on the subject of puppet animation, with articles, links, etc. Pros and amateurs alike are posting: 

Everything about claymation; by and and with the passionate Marc Spess: 

Mike Brent´s excellent site about seldom-seen East-European stop-motion. Articles, film clips and samples of his own work: 

Kathi Zung´s invaluable DVD and VHS tutorial about stop-motion puppet making: 

One-man puppet studio Nick Hilligoss from Australia. Lots of pictures and info: 

Pro animator and armature builder Lionel Ivan Orozco´s site on the art: 

Site dedicated to the works of Ray Harryhausen: 

More of the same: 

Very good site about the art of stop-motion. With many rare pictures: 

Lots of links to sites about puppet-making and animation/motion: 

A great site about Jim Henson´s Muppets and his legacy: 

Huge site about all kinds of puppets and puppeteering: 

German stop-motion animator with many strange ideas: 

Swedish puppet maker Jonna Grimstoft: 

Puppet- and modelmaker Robert Vowles : 

Swedish/finnish animator and puppet builder Anders Haldin: 

Stop-motion animator and multi-artist Christiane Cegavske: 


The site of make-up artist Lars Carlsson. Lots to read and a ton of links: 

Tutorials, links and chat for everyone interested in monster mask-making and gruesome make-ups: 


Lots about movie making. Both ”real” film and video: 

My buddy Daniel Leneer’s very own site. Animations, cartoons and sundry projects(in Swedish): 

The valiant lads at Stolpskott Film (”No Goal Films”), making movies without any valid reason (like it should be) (In Swedish): 


Amateur art and stories galore: 

Check it out and get amazed: 

Big site about polymer clay hobbies: 

The incredibly talented Michelle and her remarkable one-of-a-kind polymer puppets. Links to many other similar artists: 

Huge collection of paleonthological art: 

Horror/fairy tale maestro Hans Arnold´s very own site: 


The only page you need about toy rayguns: 

The most bizarre pasttime of them all; dress up as a giant rubber monster and fight in front of an audience: 

Everything about swords, and I mean everything (in Swedish): 

The association for renaissance martial arts; in short how to fight with long sword, short sword, rapier, rapier and dagger, etc. Articles, film clips, links and more: 

Much to read about ”steam punk”; victorian sci-fi. From steam-driven robots to Martian war-machines: 

Guide to weird and wonderful contributions to the art of motion pictures. With many sound- and film clips: 

More about films not to everybody´s taste: 

Site about the great German space hero; Kapitän Mors, der Luftpirat. Naturally has info on the mechanics for his airship ”Legend” and his spaceship ”Meteor”: 

Everything about horror, sci-fi, fantasy, detective/mystery and adventure produced by the popular culture of the victorian era. In a-z. 

”Centre for weak-kneed music”, with many knowledgable articles about the more odd champions and items of popular culture, often with Swedish connections. (In Swedish) 

Don Glut; amateur film-pioneer, dino-enthusiast and scripter of publications of Masters of the Universe, Tarzan, Solomon Kane et cetera:

Site about H. P. Lovecraft, with cute Cthulhu crafts: 

Everthing you need in the way of hats. Includes French and Brittish pith helmets: 

Lot of facts about the old movie serials: 

The film chronicles about Mexico´s greatest wrestling hero; El Santo! Viva: 

And a site about Santo´s colleauges: 

Lasse Henning´s supremo site about how you build your very own Star Wars models: 

The only Swedish magazine with Swedish super heroes: