Stop-motion animation, mask-making, rubber monsters and other food for the soul!
Iīm into it, and if you are too, chances are youīll find something to like on my little page. Iīm born 1974, live in Sweden and have been creative for as long as I can remember. Iīm a hobbyist stop-motion animator, amateur film-maker, mask- and prop-maker and cartoonist. I do work for myself, some local theatre groups and some LARP friends. Please browse around. If you see something youīre impressed by you might think "I like that. Iīll try doing it myself!" Thatīs good. If you donīt like what I do and think "This is utter crap. I can do better!" Thatīs equally good. Just as long as you actually go ahead and DO something!! Donīt shy away from your creativity.

Clips on YouTube
So I've finally gone YouTube as well. IMost of the clips on my YouTube channel are posted here as well, but If you want to check it out anyway, please stop by my YouTube page HERE.
Elfwood Gallery & Blog
If you're interested in illustration as well you could take a peek at my Elfwood gallery. There are quite a bit of stuff there, that I felt didn't fit in on this page HERE:

Since I started my blog I've found that I update that more often than this page. So if you want the latest news from my humble studio, jump over to the Loneanimator blog HERE: